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We’re so fortunate at EARL to have such a wonderful loyal group of regulars, many who come to us everyday, some days just for that much-needed a.m. caffeine hit, other days for the Fancy (yet still quick) sandwich with work mates.

One thing that most of these people get off us at one time or another is breakfast. Breakie at EARL is simple stuff; mueslis, eggs, sandwiches, toast… lots of toast! I guess it makes sense really, trust the sandwich people with lovely bread to make something as simple as your toast for breakie.

The ‘Aussie style’ breakfast of avocado on toast, is a bit internationally famous at the moment, and for good reason, its quick, so wholesome and filling.  Ours is a slice of 7 grain sourdough toast, (toasted until it is actually brown…I hate limp ‘toast’!), a decent wedge of avocado, crushed straight onto the toast, a dollop of creamy ricotta from  ‘Thats Amore’ a squeeze of lemon juice, some sea salt & a grind of pepper.

We make it when you order it, but you’ll be eating it in less than 5 minutes, no one likes to wait in the morning, we know you have places to be, and all that!