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It’s an often overlooked component of a sandwich, we, us included, even abbreviate it’s name down to plain old ‘mayo’, again depreciating its importance. The thing is though, we take our mayonnaise very seriously at EARL.

It all starts with fresh eggs, free-range of course, split by hand, and then meticulously strained weighed and vacuum packed. We then pasteurise them (sous vide style; low & slow) to ensure that no bugs exist and its safe for all to enjoy, yes including you pregnant ladies!!

The pasteurised egg yolks are then shipped off, three times a week from our catering & production kitchen to the EARL stores where we emulsify them daily into mayonnaise to spread on your sandwich.

The ingredients count is just 4: pasteurised free-range egg yolk, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt. Thats it. Nothing special apart from the love, thought and the effort that we put into that little smudge of delicious mayo on your sandwich.