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Campos Coffee at EARL

Have you ever given much thought to the various elements that make up your all-important caffeine hit? Let’s focus for a moment on the beans…

EARL proudly uses Campos Coffee’s ‘Superior Blend’, roasted right here in Melbourne.  The team at Campos strive to bring us a perfect blend of ethical business and delicious flavours.  That’s just one of the reasons we really like what they do.

Ethics are importantscreen-shot-2016-09-19-at-11-44-15-am
Good ethics mean more than just avoiding bad practice.  From a zero tolerance policy on child labour, inhumane working conditions and unsustainable farming practices, to supporting social projects and providing benefits to the communities behind the farms – Campos gives the notion of ‘good coffee’ a whole new dimension.

Your coffee started its journey far, far away from Melbourne
Campos travel the world to hand pick exemplary beans for their blends.  In fact, what most roasters have as a ‘special, one-off’, Campos use as their standard ingredient.

Superior Blend is made up of arabica coffee.  Native to Ethiopia and thought to be the first coffee ever cultivated, arabica makes up 75-80% of the world’s coffee production.  Production is now widespread and Campos source beans from the world’s best coffee regions such as Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.


You can taste the difference
One of the things Campos does best is maintain a consistent product, year round.  When working with an organic product, that’s no mean feat given coffee can taste different from one hill to the next, let alone the regional variants that come into play.

Once beans are selected, they’re brought back to Australia to be roasted and blended, just up the road in Carlton before they’re delivered to our stores.  Often you’ll be drinking Campos coffee a day or two after it’s roasted.  Fresh is best applies to everything we do at EARL.

What we haven’t told you about is the flavour profile – it’s all about richness.  The body demonstrates caramel and butterscotch notes with lighter hints of cherry, lemon and raisins.  A lingering aftertaste of blackcurrants and chocolate round out the blend.  Try a long black or espresso for your next coffee where the flavour profile is best demonstrated.

So, next time you enjoy a great coffee from EARL, know that you have contributed to the production of ‘good coffee’ globally.

And don’t forget…  In the month of September you can go into the draw to WIN free coffee for a year – check out our blog post on how!