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Day Made

We had a heartwarming email from a loyal customer the other day which really stopped us in our tracks and we would love to share it with you.

The customer had ordered some EARL lunchboxes that day for a meeting, the attendees were wrapped with what we had provided, but it just so happened that they had a few no shows. The customer ended up handing out the leftover lunchboxes to a few homeless people on his way through the city. He said that each time he gave one out he got a really positive reaction from the recipient, more so than what he had anticipated. They couldn’t believe it – their day was made!

Being given a full meal, made with a lot of care and love, now that’s got to feel great for both of them.

It’s times like these that make us thankful there are such good people out there in the world. Several days were made, including ours, as it’s great to see food not going to waste.

A significant challenge for food businesses is waste. At EARL, we’re proud that our Everyday Sandwiches are never kept for the next day, however, it does pose a problem with the possibility of leftovers. To avoid this we run $5 happy hours at all stores from 3pm (or 5pm at Emporium) and we also try to be clever and creative with our menu design, in order to use offcuts and other items that would normally go to waste…but that’s a whole other blog post.

Anyway, the point is, if we all work together to achieve the greater good, it might just have an impact and make someone’s day, everyday!