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Our GSV = Less carbs than sweet potato

WB Table Graphic

Sweet potato is delicious! It’s considered one of those foods that you can eat as an alternative to others that may not be as much of a ‘considered choice’ if you are making an effort with the things you eat, and really who doesn’t what to make more of a positive effort?

Our GSV blend is an interesting one. I knew it was good, I knew it was delicious and texturally exciting to eat as well. I knew it ‘filled me up’, but then I did the nutritional maths and found that it has less carbs than the same portion of sweet potato I was absolutely hooked. It sits at 26g carbs per 150g serve, where sweet potato has 30g. And all of these other wonderful things.

I looked at lots (lots!) of options for the new Fancy Wholebowl base and knew that we had a winner with this one from the first time I mixed together the gorgeous colours of the brown rice, the red quinoa and blitz’ed raw cauliflower. I really wanted to eat it.

We use locally Australian grown medium-grain brown rice and simply steam it.

Our red quinoa is washed well to remove any remaining saponin, then boiled until the tails just start to break free, keeping the gorgeous nutty flavour and texture.

Local Victorian cauliflowers grown in Werribee, are sliced and then blitz’ed by us at each store into a crumbly crunchy healthy ‘couscous’.

These three components are gently tossed together and warmed to be scooped into a bamboo tray to your order. Each serve is drizzled with Aussie extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.

Can you see how proud we are of our GSV? Can’t wait for you to taste it and tell me what you think.