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Supplier Spotlight – Mount Zero

Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove on the edge of the Grampians National Park.  A commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients define Mount Zero.

Collaboration and a drive for innovative, quality produce have fuelled the Mount Zero brand in becoming one of Victoria’s great food stories, one that EARL is super proud to be a part of.

In addition to the incredible olives and related products from the grove, Mount Zero supply quality pulses and grains, grown and sourced from the fertile regions of the Wimmera and Tasmania.

At EARL we go through 1.5 tonnes of Mount Zero chickpeas every year.  That’s the same weight as an average car or hippopotamus.  However you think about it, it’s a loooooot of chickpeas.

We make our Mount Zero chickpeas into hummus.  EARL hummus then gets used in seasonal menu items across both Everyday and Fancy products.  We know you recognise that the time taken to, soak then cook & blitz chickpeas is such a worthwhile investment in the resulting flavour and texture.

Late last year, our friends at Mount Zero featured us as a ‘Mount Zero Hero‘.  They nabbed our Head Food Nerd, Jackie for an interview where she spilt the beans (or chickpeas if you like) on EARL.  You can read the piece here.

To coincide, we had recipe cards available in-store where we shared an EARL secret – the recipe for our famous hummus.  If you missed one, you can find the recipe here and whip some up at home.  In perusing the recipe, you’ll realise that we omit tahini, a usual ingredient in hummus.  Instead, we use hazelnuts that we roast ourselves, the nutty flavour and texture they impart is really what sets our hummus apart.

Our ingredients really are our heroes at EARL.  With passionate suppliers like Mount Zero, our mission to bring you real food for every part of your day is made possible.