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Melbourne’s Fave, Bonsoy, Now Available at EARL

Soya wanted Bonsoy? Well you got it! (Sorry about the pun, couldn’t resist).

We would like to announce that we are now using Bonsoy at all EARL Canteen stores! This will come as great news to many of our customers, as we received more than a few requests for this product. Bonsoy is considered to be the best soy milk on the market.

We now know that not all soy milk is created equal – Bonsoy is special – as it contains only organic Golden soybeans.  This coupled with superior manufacturing techniques results in a finished product with a fantastic taste and texture. Even non-soy drinkers can get amongst this!

Our EARL baristas are also loving Bonsoy, as it acts in a similar way to regular milk, in that it can be textured to perfection for the most delicious latte, cappuccino, magic… or whatever takes your fancy!

So next time you pop into an EARL, try your fave hot beverage, but this time with Bonsoy – we are confident you’ll taste the difference and you’ll love it. Just like we do!