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New Menu Items!

Summer has departed, but luckily for us, the weather hasn’t yet got the memo.

Those of you who visit an EARL store often will have noticed some new sandwiches in the fridge over the last couple of weeks that showcase the new season’s produce.  If you haven’t been in for a while, here’s what you’re missing out on;

Classic BLT – Crisp, thick cut bacon, fresh tomato, house mayonnaise, rocket, cos on sliced 7 grain sourdough
Chicken & Brie – Free-range chicken breast, local brie, parsley, spiced pear relish, cos on crusty baguette
Classic Salmon – Hot-smoked Tasmanian salmon, cucumber, avocado, dill & horseradish mayonnaise, rocket on chia & linseed wrap
Caprese – Fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto, rocket & extra virgin olive oil on crusty baguette

As you can see, some are EARL faves that are returning and others are brand new.  Each time we change our menus there are always some of you thrilled and others who can’t believe we took their fave off!  So, in changing our offer seasonally, we can TRY and please all of you – even if it is just for one season 😉

We didn’t talk too much about another big menu change that launched at the same time as our Wholebowls (probably because they totally stole the show).  Our ‘Wholesome Porridge’ menu has now expanded to include three different varieties, plus you can choose whether you have honey & yoghurt or honey & cream to accompany.  While this warm weather isn’t quite calling for porridge just yet, we are in Melbourne and it could (and probably will) be just around the corner.

See you in-store soon!