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100km. It’s a very, very long way.

Simon O’Regan, EARL co-director,  is doing the Oxfam 100km Trailwalker with 3 team mates next month.

We think he has been informally training for this for years, with speedy laps around the city to various EARL stores, oh and also that long list of marathons he’s managed to accumulate under his belt…and the recent ‘training runs’ including the 56km Two Bays Trail Run and the 43km Roller Coaster Run, (not as fun as it sounds, I’m sure).

He’s aiming for a one day, minimal stops, event of just 15 hours,  which will involve both running and walking.
We all really just can’t quite get our heads around this, except Elissa our Operations Manager who also did the Oxfam 100km in 2013, she swore off the talk of doing it again but is already saying ‘one day’, perhaps theres something more than caffeine that encourages that crazy buzz in EARL coffee?

You can help Simon and his team with their fundraising by donating here with proceeds going to Oxfam to help people living in poverty. We have, its a very worthwhile cause.

Theres 18 days to go, please show your support where you can.