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Faces of EARL – Cathryn

This week, we begin to introduce you to the ‘Faces of EARL’. We are so very lucky to have the most amazing bunch of staff – we know it’s them who really help us stand out in the crowd.

Meet Cathryn…

We were lucky enough to nab Cat to head up our 567 Collins Street store as she’d just landed from an 18 month working holiday in Scotland. While Edinburgh will always hold a little piece of her heart (the thistle she has inked on her forearm tells us so), Melbourne, and all it has to offer, is home.

Having grown up in rural Victoria (Fish Creek, to be exact), Cat visited the UK & Ireland for a holiday in her teenage years. That one trip was enough to cement her decision to move to Melbourne and start working hard and saving so she could move to Edinburgh. And that she did, citing the city’s atmosphere and scenery as being real highlights of her time there. Working in hospitality in Scotland surprised Cat. So much of the food she worked with was brought in pre-prepared. Boiled eggs in brine for egg sandwiches, anyone?

That leads us to one of the things Cat loves most about working at EARL; the freshness of our products, the fact that we start from scratch on absolutely everything we make and have a huge consideration for where we source our ingredients.

Her go-to lunch? Our hummus & edamame paired with our grain salad. The protein punch that combo packs is the perfect get up and go for a busy day at EARL. For an Easter treat, she’s really been enjoying the return of the now famous Fish Finger Fancy Sandwich.

When not at work, Cat can be found making the most of what brought her back to Melbourne – family time, camping, festivals, food and live music (a real passion). The last gig she went to was Mallrat, and she rated her highly!

Cat is about each day at 567 Collins and makes a cracking flat white. We really appreciate her being the first of our ‘Faces of EARL’. Thanks, Cat!