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EARL Does Dietaries

Every day we get requests in-store and at Catering HQ, to accommodate dietary requirements, some more common than others. We know they can be tricky, but we’ve got them covered at EARL!

Our Head Food Nerd, Jackie Middleton, plans our menus carefully – always with dietaries in mind. Many can be accommodated “off the shelf” and for anything else, our smiling staff can assist.  

In stores, keep an eye out for dietary and allergy information on ticketing in our fridges. For more comprehensive info, our website has nutrition panels for Everyday sandwiches and salads. We are currently working on nutritional information for the Fancy menu – stay tuned!

Catering dietaries are packed separately and labelled to your requirements, saving time and keeping your guests happy.

Have you tried…?

Gluten Free Classic Chicken – We always have gluten free Classic Chicken sandwiches ready to grab from the fridge, if they have sold out, just ask and we’ll make you one.  

Friands – Made with gluten free flour and almond meal, Friands are your friends if you’re gluten intolerant!

Chia Puddings – Our Chia Puddings are made with almond milk and dates so they are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. 

Everyday Salads – All but two of our salads are gluten free. Our Broccoli, Quinoa & Chickpea salad is even gluten and dairy free, plus vegan/vegetarian. Tick, tick, tick!

Halal Chicken – Our chicken is certified Halal and free-range, from Bannockburn here in Victoria.

Wholebowls – Our Wholebowl GSV base is vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

If you are in-store, or ordering catering and have dietary requirements, talk to us.  We’ll ensure interesting and varied options, no matter what your needs.