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EARL Grainbow for Winter Wellbeing

This winter we are eating our way through the ‘EARL Grainbow’ as we focus on grains and seeds for winter wellbeing.

Grains and seeds are an important part of our products at EARL – we love the tastes, textures and wholesome nutrition they bring to winter eating.

From the grains that are milled into flour and crafted by Noisette into artisan handmade breads, to oats for our breakie heroes, to Aussie brown rice and protein-rich quinoa, we love them all!  We can’t wait to share our faves with you.

Across our blog and social channels you’ll find out why we love the grains and seeds that feature in so much of our menu at EARL, cooking and preparation tips and tricks, a recipe and some pearls of nutritional wisdom from our Head Food Nerd, Jackie Middleton.

We’re also giving away the ultimate winter wellness package in conjunction with our friends at Kaya Health Clubs and Remedy Kombucha to help you eat, drink and re-energise the body for wellness.

Go with the grain this winter.