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RECIPE: Wholesome Porridge

As we eat our way through the Grainbow, oats are a must-mention.  They feature in a lot of our brekkie heros; housemade bircher and granola, muffins and of course our wholesome porridge. We actually soak then double cook our traditional rolled oats to lower the glycaemic index, which keeps you fuller for longer. Quinoa and linseed, also in the porridge add some bonus protein, omega 3 and fiber to the oats’ nutritional foundation.  Keep reading for the recipe!

200g traditional rolled oats (not quick/instant oats)
30g linseeds
30g red quinoa
1g salt
1L water


  • Wash the quinoa & rinse twice
  • Add all ingredients, cook on low at a bare simmer for 20 minutes
  • Stir frequently with a wooden spoon
  • Serve immediately, or cool then refrigerate, to use as a quick breakfast the next day.

To reheat the porridge, add equal parts porridge & water, stir constantly over high heat with a wooden spoon, until soft & creamy again. This will take less than 5 minutes.

EARL has three porridge combinations this winter, our pick is the slow-cooked cinnamon poached pink lady apples with flaked almonds & chia seeds with local honey and natural yoghurt.

What’s your go-to porridge topper?