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Our work is never done…

Being the perfectionists we are, a job is never quite finished.

Recipes, in a growing business always seem to be calling my name with new ideas, techniques and products to make your lunch better.

Case in point 1.


We have been making our grass-fed beef and red pepper meatballs for more than 5 years. The recipe was a simple Italian recipe that was softened with milk soaked breadcrumbs, then rolled by hand and baked. This worked for us until this year when they became part of the Wholebowls which meant they needed to be gluten free. So the process began. How to make them just as good, if not better, and also gluten free.

After far too many batch tests and tastings and more tastings, we settled on the new recipe that replaced the breadcrumbs with ground red lentils.

I’m thrilled with the outcome, the grass-fed beef still shines, they are tender & moist and the lentils add some earthy flavour and bonus goodness. Win Win Win!


Case in point 2.

Free Range Chicken.

I love chicken thigh, a more flavoursome cut than breast, but unfortunately ugly and under-appreciated. We swapped over our roast chicken thigh meat that has been a staple in our chicken Fancy sandwiches since day one, for a sous-vide cooked chicken breast portion in January. We individually pack and sous-vide cook the breasts, so they retain more moisture than any type of traditional cooking that is possible.

The outcome is perfectly cooked, moist, free range chicken breast, that we warm and slice to your order, as either a Fancy wholebowl or sandwich.
Did you know we use Bannockburn free range chicken? It’s halal and a more ethical choice, that we’re proud to support.


Case in point 3.


Ratatouille has been on and off our menus since 2010, as I’m a big fan of plant-based vegetarian foods that a carnivore wants to eat as well.

Considering the giant batches we now make of this French staple, we recently tweaked our recipe to make sure the texture isn’t effected and we can maintain the individual vegetable ‘identities’ once cooked. As in a traditional ratatouille, all our vegetables are cooked separately before they are ‘married’ together in a pot with fresh herbs to finish. Whilst tweaking the method, I also increased the portion size by 50%, the feedback from our regulars was that they wanted more, and we decided that was a good suggestion.

The bright colours of the vegetables now ring even truer in the more generous portions.


We love hearing feedback, ideas and inspiration about our products, please share if you have any.