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Faces of EARL – Andrew

Meet Andrew…

One of the things we are really proud of at EARL is our staff retention.  We have several staff members who have been with us for a really long time, Andrew, our Production Kitchen Supervisor is one of them.  

We’re also really proud of our staff training and development.  We see each role in the business as a stepping stone to the next, and reward hard work and dedication with opportunities to grow with us.  Andrew is an excellent example of this.  

Having started at EARL Collins Place back in 2013, Andrew’s first role was as a kitchen hand.  Proving himself, early on, to be a reliable, dedicated and extremely hard working member of the team. Due to his efforts, Andrew was promoted to his current role of Production Kitchen Supervisor.  

We don’t talk much about our production kitchen – it’s EARL’s silent hero.  As you know, all EARL stores have smallish kitchens and there are some jobs that are better done in bigger volumes with more space – think pastuerising eggs, making EARL pickles, pesto & sauces, dukkah and the like.  In centralising some of these jobs, we can guarantee consistency – which is super important to EARL.  

When chatting to Andrew about his role, we started crunching some numbers.  Annually, he’s responsible for the 3,000kg of hummus, 37,000 choc chip cookies and 25,000kg overnight cooked lamb shoulder that all make their way into EARL stores.  Woah!  

Andrew’s fave things to eat at EARL are the Egg Pot with bacon and, Melbourne’s fave sandwich, The Pork Belly.

When not at work, Andrew can be found studying toward his certificate in commercial cookery, cooking up a storm at home (we’re still waiting for him to bring some of his delicious looking duck to try) or hanging out with his three year old who we can vouch is just the cutest (with quite the developed palate, thanks to Dad)!