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It’s baaaaaack!

As EARL fans, you’re a pretty vocal bunch.  From comments across our social channels to emails, we love hearing from you!

When considering our latest round of menu updates, there was a request that we just HAD to listen to…  The return of the Original Meatball.

It would seem that when it comes to meatballs, you’re fans of the classic combo of beef & red pepper meatballs, rich tomato sugo, zucchini pickle, basil, parmesan.  So, it’s back.  And available in all CBD stores from 11am, daily.

What sets this combo apart is the time we put into sourcing the best possible ingredients, ensuring it’s done just right.  Let us tell you more…

Our beef is grassfed, a cattle’s natural diet, that results in meat that’s better tasting and better for you.  We add ground red lentils (to keep the meatballs gluten free) and roast red pepper for some extra zing.  They’re all rolled by hand in our production kitchen before being portioned up and sent to EARL stores.

The zucchini pickles that accompany your meatballs are also made by us.  The slicing, soaking and pickling process leaves us with a pickle that’s the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.  We’re perfectionists – what can we say?!

Our kitchens build Original Meatball Fancy Sandwiches and Wholebowls to your order, combining the meatballs with our rich tomato sugo, made fresh in our store kitchens, with basil & parmesan – and of course those zucchini pickles!

Our sanga offers a hearty and warming lunch on a toasted turkish roll, with the Wholebowl a healthful gluten free alternative on our very own GSV.  Which will be your new go-to?