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Salad, Your Way

At EARL we are quite comfortable playing in the ‘little-bit-different’ part of the Melbourne cafe world.

We’re fast and proud of it. We prioritise good food by refusing to compromise, to nasties. We like our kitchen gadgets, which means we can do things a bit smarter and keep turnaround times quick. We love to challenge ourselves, come up with new ideas and tackle tricky concepts… We have done just that, (again) this week…

The rollout of ‘Fancy’ Wholebowls earlier in the year was the biggest change EARL had ever undertaken, then, today, with ‘Salad, Your Way’ we have rethought the way you eat your ‘Everyday’ lunch too.

Our salads have been a bit same-same for too long, you told us you loved them, please don’t change, but we like to keep innovating so we’ve come up with a reimagined way to offer you supreme flexibility.

We’ve created five new salads, all plant-based (the new lingo for vegetarian), that hero the things we have loved about our salads for the last seven years. Crunchy broccoli, still there. Our pickled veggies, still there. Healthful, nutritionally considered dressings, still there (but more!). Classical ingredients that are dependable, still there. Seasonal, local fresh produce, still there.

Then, we put all the EARL favourite proteins and veggie bits into little tubs so you can pick and choose and create not just five but 50 plus possible combinations. Our free-range chicken, salmon from Tasmania, local prosciutto and a collection of newbies, such as boiled eggs, amazing slow-fermented kraut, and local chickpeas.

This is a unique new concept to the Melbourne market, we designed it the way you like to eat; selecting your favourite combinations, keeping it simple today or jazzing it up tomorrow.  We get that you like to mix it up, it doesn’t have to be ‘just salad’, it can be Salad, Your Way.

Our website has a full list of ingredients and the nutritional panels for the salads, so you can see what you’re eating and can navigate through any possible dietary need. We’re good like that!

Keen to hear your favourite salad + protein combination, so tag us on social, we love to see our packaging out and about in the hands of loyal fans.

Bring on the warm salad weather!