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Complete Nutritional Information & Allergens

We’re really proud of the ingredients we use. We’ve called them ‘restaurant-quality’, right from the beginning but a thing that restaurants don’t do is give you nutritional information…., which is what we have been working on now for some time.
First it was all the Everyday products and now (drum-roll please) is Fancy’s turn!

On our website, right here,  you can now find the nutritional information for all the Fancy Sandwiches and Wholebowls. Crunch the all the numbers into your daily nutrition plan, take a peek at the amounts of protein, check for percentages of sugar… all the info is now waiting for you.

As a bonus, we have also collated a rather nifty table of most of the EARL products that highlights at a glance dietary information and common allergens. From gluten, to refined sugar, to onions, we have it covered.
Each store has this information at the ready, so here’s a copy for you now too. For future reference each product has a web link to this and a quick link is in the grey box in the footer of each web page.

Now if you’re that way inclined, go forth and calculate the values of your lunch… Just because you can.