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Two Good…er

We were excited to be asked by the outstanding team at Two Good to provide a recipe for them to sell and donate.
I decided that a soup version of our most popular salad would be the attention grabber that they needed, hence the Ultra Greens Soup was born, and it’s NOW available for purchase in Melbourne directly from Two Good’s website.
  • Available in Melbourne Mon 5 Aug – Fri 23 Aug
  • For each lunch bought, @twogoodco donates another to a woman staying in a domestic violence shelter

Please gather your team and place an order if you can, every soup sold will feed one woman in need. Find out more about this here.

If you’re outside of the delivery area, here is the recipe for you, please consider making a donation directly to support their community building work.

Thank you. Jackie


Ultra Greens Soup  by Jackie Middleton
EARL’s most popular salad becomes a soup for Two Good Co!

Kale, leek & broccoli soup with edamame, peas and a free-range egg.
Turmeric coconut yoghurt

Vegetarian, dairy & gluten free. Vegan without the egg

Kale, leek & broccoli soup Makes 10 x 400g serves

400g leek, including green inner leaves, washed, 1/2cm slices
100g brown onion, peeled, rough chop
20g garlic, rough chop
30g olive oil
0.5g black pepper from a grinder
7g salt
30g vegemite
2 litres boiling water
1200g broccoli, stalks and all, 1cm sliced
150g curly kale, stalks removed, rough chop
40g parsley, including most of the stalks, finely chopped

Turmeric coconut yoghurt Makes 10 x 20g serves

170g coconut yoghurt
3g turmeric powder
35g gluten free soy sauce (Megachef or alike)
300g edamame beans, no pods, frozen
300g peas, frozen
10 x 63C free-range eggs*
50g coconut flakes, toasted

To make the soup

Saute in a large stock pot the leek, onion and garlic with the olive oil, pepper & salt, until soft, avoiding any colour

Add the vegemite and mix through, well to avoid lumps

Add the boiling water and the sliced broccoli

Simmer for 15 minutes to soften with the lid on

Add the chopped kale & parsley, stir and cook for another 5 minutes

Blitz with an immersion blender, to thicken slightly but leave it fairly chunky


To make the turmeric coconut yoghurt

Mix all components well


To cook the eggs

Cook the eggs in a combi oven or immersion circulator at 63C for 60 minutes*


To bottle into jars

Layer into the jar base the edamame and peas (do this from frozen)

Top with 400g of the chilled soup

Crack the 63C egg into the top, ensuring no shell goes inside

Dollop 20g of the turmeric coconut yoghurt on top

Finish with 5g of the toasted coconut flakes

Seal well.  Share with love. 


*63C eggs can be substituted for soft-boiled & peeled eggs (it just takes more time 🙂

Works to reheat on stove top or microwave. It’s delicious & very nutritious