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EARL Favourites Pack – all the details

We’ve been thrilled with all the love coming in for our Support Packs. We’ve been working hard developing more packs and extra products to keep spirits high at home, help support us & support our Melbourne community.  Thank you!

We have started sending EARL Favourites Support Packs out today, here’s some extra details for you below but first have a look inside with Jackie on our Instagram TV video.

We would absolutely love you to tag us with your creations on social media if you are that way inclined. #EARLathome on our Instagram @earlcanteenmel or Twitter @earlcanteen Thank you!


EARL Favourites Pack

All the things you’d want to eat, even if you were not staying in:

  • Grass-fed beef & red pepper meatballs, 10 serves  -1kg

The meatballs are packed in individual serves, heat in the pack in simmering water or simply in the oven or straight into a sauce. They are gluten free and contain lentils with some gentle, healthful spices such as turmeric, cumin & ginger. These will be coming to you frozen, keep in the freezer or fridge, use-by 5 days in the fridge, or keep frozen.


  • Poached free-range chicken breasts, 10 serves  -1kg

Our Hazeldenes free-range chicken breasts, are gently cooked sous vide which makes for a really succulent texture. Warm gently to serve or slice and eat cold as we do in salads, there’s nothing but chicken in the packs so these will benefit from a little salt love. Please note that these breasts may drop a little pale pink liquid, we have drained most of it for you, the liquid is pink as the free-range meat is not bleached as commercial chicken often is and are and there will be slight bloodlines. This chicken is 100% safe to eat, cold or warm, our process has been microbiologically tested to be safe for 20 days as part of our food safety program.

We’ll send these to you vacuum bagged. It will keep happily like this for the week, otherwise freeze a few of the breasts for other meals when needed. Depending on our stock levels we may move onto our chicken breast portions, you’ll get the same amount but in smaller individual bags.


  • Free-range Aussie ham, sliced  -250g

The delicious Greenvale free-range ham you love in our ham baguettes in-store. Sliced ready to stash into toasties, mix through pasta or melt under cheese on toast. Vac’d this will keep for a few days, no hassle, or again, freeze and triage it out as you see fit.


  • Aussie cheddar cheese, sliced  -250g

Our local Victorian aged cheddar from Warrnambool Heritage. It’s crumbling and delicious, melts really well for cheese on toast or onto your meatballs, or mix some crumbly bits into the grain salad. It will be happy in your fridge for the week at least.


  • Our hazelnut hummus  -500g

This is our hazelnut hummus that we make in Cremorne with lovely Mount Zero chickpeas. Read all about it here and use the recipe to make your own if you have stashed chickpeas in the pantry. If you take care of this it will last the week in your fridge, just keep an eye on double-dipping to prolong its use-by.


  • Grain & Seed salad  -500g

Everyones favourite EARL salad. 14 different ingredients, make this chock full of all the good things, filling and did you know it’s also vegan?! See the list of ingredients here. This will be fine for 3 days or more, but can dry out a little, so a splash of olive oil or a squeeze of lemon as we do in-store will brighten it up a lot.


  • EARL Granola, 5 serves  -350g

Watch out this granola is addictive! Made by us in Cremorne with all Aussie ingredients except the cranberries and maple syrup that come from North America. Baked & packed by hand, if you need to in the future we can supply 5kg buckets, just like our stores power through!


  • Noisette 7 Grain sourdough loaf bread  -large & sliced

This is our core multigrain sourdough bread. It’s baked overnight for us, so you will be receiving a fresh loaf of preservative-free tasty sourdough. You know what to do with this one, but read here why we love Noisette.


  • Callebaut choc chip, walnut & sea salt cookie log, ready to bake  -20 cookies

We’ve saved the best for last… We’ve never sold our cookie dough before, this is an EARL first! These logs are what we make in our Cremorne kitchen and send to EARL stores to slice perfect 2cm, 55g slices to bake these perfect cookies every day in store.

To bake these.
-Heat your oven to 180C
-Keep the cookie log frozen, push the cling wrap back from one end, leaving the baking paper in place
-Slice pieces off that are 2cm thick (which will give you 20 cookies from each log)
-Bake on a baking paper lined tray for 10-12 minutes, cooking from frozen is ideal, but fridge cold is also fine. We put a tiny pinch of sea salt on each cookie, do that if you want that true EARL experience.
-We prefer them a bit fudgy and soft, so only let them get light brown. If you are a crunchy cookie fan, then bake a bit longer.

The log will be perfectly happy in your fridge for a couple of weeks too, as long as you use a clean knife each time and re-cling wrap it, it’s actually a ‘thing’ to age cookie dough, it makes it bake more consistently… but we assume theres not a chance of this happening once you get a taste of how good they are.

Feel free to cut each cookie dough slice in halves or quarters to make smaller cookies, keep an eye on them in the oven, they will bake a little faster. If the dough warms up before cooking they will puff up too much in the oven and look a bit ugly, but still taste excellent…

Lastly about the cookies, if you love them (of course you do…) as our little additional public service to you, here is the recipe that was published a few years ago and some bonus extra tips for you at home since you may just have time to have a go yourself.


If you haven’t ordered yet, you can do so here and surf through all the other options.


We’ve included our reusable salad containers for a lot of these products. They seal air tight, and are totally reusable if you wash them by hand, the old-fashioned way (they don’t like super hot dishwashers, sorry) otherwise they are PET so 100% recyclable as well.

Food Safety.

Please follow the use-by dates on all the packs, but a key thing to remember with all food safety is how you handle the products. The hummus will keep well, for 3 days or more as long as you avoid double-dipping and use clean utensils, the lemon juice that adds a tasty zing also stops those nasty bugs. 🙂 This is true with all the products, avoid sticking your hand in the chicken bag, it will last wayyyyy…longer!

We deliver to you from a refrigerated van, so again, best practice for your safety as always.


Again, THANK YOU! so much for your support, our teams are missing seeing you all in-store & we all look forward to normality returning as soon as possible.