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Safety for You, Us & Everyone

Safety in response to Coronavirus – COVID-19

As widely reported, the global threat of Coronavirus has intensified over the past weeks and is now present in our day to day lives in Melbourne. 

With some challenging times upon us, we wanted to share the steps we have implemented to keep you, our loyal customers, our teams and our suppliers safe as we all navigate Coronavirus. 

Since opening in 2010, we’ve been very proud of our benchmark hygiene & safety policy and procedures, we’ve decided to further heighten these for the time being.

Some immediate specifics:
We’ve increased our sanitisation regime throughout the day to cover more customer and staff frequent touch points. Our sanitiser is of course food grade (as required by the Dept of Health) so perfectly safe to use in store and kitchen environments.

Our teams have had additional training regarding personal hygiene and hand washing (which is naturally important irrespective of current concerns) and we now have an hourly hand washing standard as a minimum in addition to our typical food handling glove use on all products.

This week we are removing communal disposable cutlery from stores and are replacing this with prepackaged, disposable cutlery which is available on request. Alternatively, why not bring your own from home, and help the environment too.

Our store location landlords have all implemented their own plans, you will see more visible cleaning and sanitisation in the common areas where we operate.

Our approach is one of increased awareness and vigilance, all with a smile of course. We really appreciate your continued loyalty and welcome your feedback.

Simon & Jackie