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We Love Local

There’s no denying it, We Love Local & we know you do too.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to talk to you about why We Love Local, we’re going to show you exactly where (& who) we get our produce from and we’re going to introduce you to some of our local suppliers so you know you’re getting the very best at EARL. There’s no compromises here.

For us, local means we’re on top of the things that are important:

  • Small footprint – we keep food miles down to a minimum. 95% of our produce is Australian and of that 95%, more than half is Victorian. The other 5%? Fancy chocolate, maple syrup, some nuts, coffee & tea; it’s stuff like that, the rest is all Aussie.
  • High quality – our suppliers are selected based on the premium nature of their product. We can’t help it, we’re fussy people who favour quality over all the other details.
  • Seasonal & fresh – keeping things local, means we are serving what is thriving in various Australian regions at any given time. More nutritious & delicious food? It’s a no brainer.
  • Free-range, ethical & sustainable farming – higher animal welfare is important to us, we want to know that our suppliers are doing the right thing.
  • Trust – we know many of our suppliers on a personal level and have a lot of trust in them for their consistency, quality & service. They give us the good stuff so we can turn it into your breakie, lunch or dinner.
  • Collaboration – we’ve worked as a team with many of our suppliers to get some amazing results, benefitting both us and our supplier (and ultimately you) – a win win win, if you like.
  • Boutique – we keep things unique to EARL by locally roasting our own signature coffee blend, sourcing the best local drinks and using artisanal components in our products, just like having our breads made just as we like it.

Stay tuned, we’re excited to share more with you!