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We love the sourdough culture & no preservatives quality that Noisette is known for & that they work overnight, every night of the year to bake & deliver us fresh bread for our sandwiches.

We exclusively use Noisette’s bread for our:


4 different bread types right here – 7 grain sourdough, wholemeal sourdough, crunchy baguette & soft ciabatta


We use a soft turkish roll, cut it in half, but not all the way through & toast it before loading it up with your fave Fancy fillings


For the almighty avo toast, we use a 7 grain sourdough, smattered in avocado & ricotta and seasoned with lemon juice, sea salt & pepper


You will also find we use Noisette’s bread for our Cheese Melt & as toast soldiers alongside our free-range Egg Pots.



Noisette come from a long line of traditional French bakers, since 1825. Today, they are based in Dandenong South & deliver daily to all our EARL locations.