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Ten Years of EARL

Today is a really special day for us, it’s ten years since we opened a humble little sandwich shop we called EARL.

Ten years ago today, the 28th April we opened the doors and began what’s been the professional adventure of our lives with us hopefully *taps wood* opening our tenth site at the airport later this year, in our tenth year of EARL.

We would be celebrating today, this week & likely this month but actually all stores are closed except for the small team at our HQ in Cremorne doing the brand-new EARL at home, where we come to you, since you can’t come to us.

We’re sensible people there’s no celebration without you, our customers, without our teams, now and in the past, without our suppliers, there’s no party just with the two of us. 

So like many parties at the moment it’s cancelled for now, postponed until we can turn ten properly, we’ll stay 9 and a bit, for awhile. 

We hope to have some good news soon about reopening in the city, once you come back to work we WILL to be here too. To support you coming back, to support our teams in coming back into work again, to get back the reality we all miss so much.

We and all the store teams are so looking forward to seeing your faces again.

So here’s to 9 and a bit years, *cheers* see you soon, very soon hopefully.


Jackie & Simon

The Hungry Waiters & EARL Founders

Watch Jackie & Simons video here