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Paying it forward with SmartMeals

Since March we have been involved with the SmartMeals program as run by StreetSmart. A super charity initiative which feeds vulnerable people & saves hospo jobs at the same time. Covid restrictions meant that charity meal programs were shut down, therefore food insecurity was a more imminent threat than usual. Meanwhile, we (alongside the rest of the hospitality industry) were dealing with our own challenges regarding store closures, reduction in trade, trying to look after our staff & support our suppliers.

We’ve had a long relationship with the good people at StreetSmart, each year signing up every one of our cafes for CafeSmart. So when they approached us to help pay it forward with SmartMeals, we jumped at the opportunity. Can’t go past a WIN WIN WIN situation!

From the beginning we’ve been partnered up with 2 charities – Uniting Prahran & StarHealth in St Kilda. Each morning, our team make delicious EARL Sandwiches at our catering kitchen in Cremorne, package them up & our driver, Marcos, delivers to their doorsteps.

There has been wonderful feedback from the charities & people on the receiving end of the SmartMeals.

“Those sandwiches are amazing! Without receiving them I would have nothing to eat for lunch. They are fresh and tasty. Thank you so much for providing such a great service.” – De

At EARL, we are so grateful to be a part of it. It’s had such a positive impact on our staff & our business. Our staff have reported feeling a great sense of satisfaction & reward that we are helping those in need & making a difference to people’s days.

Hear what our driver Marcos has to say about it.


We have also made it possible for you to donate 5 SmartMeals through our e-commerce site, so pay it forward & contribute to the 23,830 meals (as of 22 July) provided so far!