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Heating, baking & serving EARL at Home

So you’ve got your EARL Essentials, what’s next?


Free-range Pork Belly – get that famous crackling at home!

A ~700g piece will be coming to you frozen, defrost first, then…

To heat the whole piece. Heat on a flat tray, crackling side up, 210C for 15 minutes until warmed through, ~75C, slice off portions along the score marks to serve.


To heat a single serve. Slice along the score line ~100g per person, flash on a lined flat tray in a 210C oven until warmed through & crackling pops up again.


Grass-fed Beef & Red Pepper Meatballs – our classic recipe, rolled by hand by us

These will come to you frozen. Heat the whole bag in simmering water or simply use what you need & heat in the oven or pop them straight into a sauce. For inspo see our post on EARL Meatballs done 10 ways.


Chunky Ratatouille – roasted to perfection

This will come to you frozen. Heat the whole bag in simmering water or cut bags open & heat on the stove or in the microwave, depending on how you are using it. For inspo see our post on Ratatouille done 10 ways.


Poached Free-range Chicken Breasts – juicy & succulent

These will come to you fresh, keep in the fridge for a week, otherwise freeze a few of the breasts for other meals when needed. Such a versatile protein, you will have no problems coming up with meals, but if you want a bit of extra inspo, see our post on Poached Free-range Chicken Breast done 10 ways.

Our Hazeldenes free-range chicken breasts, are gently cooked sous vide which makes for a really succulent texture. Warm gently to serve or slice & eat cold as we do in salads, there’s nothing but chicken in the packs so these will benefit from a little salt love. Please note that these breasts may drop a little pale pink liquid, we have drained most of it for you, the liquid is pink as the free-range meat is not bleached as commercial chicken often is and are and there will be slight bloodlines. This chicken is 100% safe to eat, cold or warm, our process has been microbiologically tested to be safe for 20 days as part of our food safety program.


Chickpea & Fava Bean Falafels – wholesome & filling

These will come to you frozen. Defrost to eat cold in salads or heat in 200C oven for 10-12 minutes.


Bake at Home – enjoy the comfort of freshly baked EARL sweets at home

See this post for all the details on the classic EARL sweets


Cookies by EARL – seven different cookie dough combos

All the Cookies by EARL info is here!


Pork Belly Wholebowl Pack – dinner just got fancy
Pork Belly Wholebowl


Free-range Chicken Wholebowl Pack – a quick & healthy dinner

Free-range chicken Wholebowl


Harissa Lamb & Crispy Gems Shepherds Pie – build the dinner of your dreams!
Harissa Lamb & Gems Shepherds Pie - customer recipe sheet