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Ciao 2020.

2021 felt way off for so long, but it is finally here.

NYE 2009 was the last time I looked forward with longing that a new year was starting, it was the year that EARL was to launch and we were excited to get started.

2021 will be a fresh start of sorts for EARL. The last year helped us rethink absolutely everything about what we do and what we want to do as ambassadors for delicious & healthful CBD eats.
Our stores and catering remain a constant and our teams are so looking forward to welcoming you back to your office routine as soon as summer breaks are finished.

EARL at Home will remain for now in a refined form with streamlined delivery days and times as we all rethink our routines.

The results of 2020 still feel a bit raw in the CBD with the streets quiet again after a buzz in the lead up to Christmas but we sense from the familiar faces we have seen in the last few months, that it’s not just us that have missed the habits of old, we know you will be back to see us when you can.

We hope 2021 will mean the opening of our much awaited airport store which was delayed in late 2019, then postposed until air travel has normalised again. Whenever that may be, let’s just roll with the punches on that one…

Thank you from us.
Thank you for your support and care of our small business last year, thank you for helping us, actually be here this year. Without a solid community in-store and online that developed into an amazing cheer squad from afar, I’m unsure where we would be.

2021 is looking fresh and exciting, and now here for us all to relish in. We can’t wait to get started, again!