EARL Royalty FAQs

How does it work?

EARL awards Royalty points on the purchase of coffees (and all other hot drinks, for that matter).

20170410_earl takeaway cup = 1 point

Once you have accumulated 7 points, your next coffee is on EARL!

What can Royalty do for me?

Allows you to collect points for all coffee purchases, plus much more!

Makes sure you’re kept in the loop, and well looked after – There is always SO much going on at EARL.  And, because you’re Royalty to us, we think you ought to be the first to know about it!  We will keep you in the loop with what we are up to and send you member-only offers.

Holds monetary credit – You told us that you want to be able to pre-load your account with credit to save you carrying cash (we’re looking at you, Collins Place customers). We listened!  When in store, you can add credit to your account to save you from those jangly coins in your pocket 🙂

Stores gift card credit – If you are the lucky recipient of an EARL gift card, you can load the value of the gift card onto your account to spend next time you’re instore.

How do I collect points?

You can collect points in one of two ways;

1. With a Royalty Card

Earl Canteen VIP card-2016-V4 (1)_clipped_rev_1

Royalty Cards have a barcode plus unique member number and pin.  Your card will need to be scanned each time you purchase a hot drink to get your points stacking up.

2. Via the EARL Royalty App


You can download the EARL App, via the Apple or Android App Store.  The App can be used in place of a card as it contains a unique barcode too.

Remember that you’ll need to present either your Royalty Card or Royalty App each time you make a purchase in order to collect points.

How do I redeem points?

For each coffee purchased, one point is collected.  Once you have accumulated 7 points, your next coffee is on EARL!

To start redeeming points, you will need to register your details with us…

  • If you have picked up a card in store, you can create a profile and register the card here.
  • If you download the App, you will be prompted to enter your details to register your profile.

Each new account registered through until the end of July 2017 will be loaded with TWO free coffees!

Just remember that you’ll need to set up a profile and register your card before you can start redeeming points (you can still collect them).

What about the card I already have with the magnetic strip?

Your card with a magnetic strip will be replaced by a card with a barcode, or the App.  To make up for any points you may have accumulated on your old card, we are offering TWO free coffees with each new loyalty profile registered.

If you’re a points squirrel and are worried about losing your stash, email us and we can transfer the points over.

But what’s the difference between the app and the plastic card?

None, really.  Using the App does serve as a reminder that you’re living in the future.  Is there anything your phone can’t do now?!

Is there a limit on points?  Do they expire?

No and no.  If you choose to be a points squirrel and save them up so you can shout yourself free coffees for a week, that’s totally fine!

What if I lose my loyalty card?

Your points aren’t going anywhere.  Just ask for a new card in store and you can connect it to your existing loyalty account.  Or, download the App – then you don’t need to worry.

What if my personal details change?

Simply log in here to the loyalty site and update them as often as you need.

So you’re collecting my personal information, how will you use it?

In order to redeem points, we will need you to register with our EARL Royalty, either online or via the App.  The personal information you supply will be used periodically, in a responsible manner, to inform you of special offers, new menus, and exciting news.  We promise to not to ever share it with a third party.  You can read our full privacy policy here.