EARL Royalty FAQs

Please note EARL Royalty is valid at all EARL stores with the exception of our Melbourne Airport site.


What is EARL Royalty?

EARL Royalty is our loyalty program, but we consider it more like a family. Being part of the Royalty family allows you to earn points for every dollar spent at EARL & be rewarded with EARL Cash to spend in-store or on the EARL App. 

What are the benefits of being part of the Royalty family?

Besides earning points for every dollar spent at EARL & getting rewarded with that sweet EARL Cash, there are loads of great things about being in the Royalty family.

We make sure you’re receiving the Royal treatment with ongoing special offers that are sure to put a jewel in your crown.

We’ll also keep you in the loop with exciting EARL news!

EARL Royalty

How Do I join the Royalty family?

Download the EARL App from the App Store or get it on Google Play today. Register your details & away you go!

How does it work?

Once you’ve joined EARL Royalty, scan your EARL App barcode for each purchase in-store (points are automatically earned for orders placed on the EARL App).  

Your points will start stacking up & automatically convert to EARL Cash once you reach that threshold. 500 Royalty points = $5 EARL Cash.

The points convert to EARL Cash the next time you make a transaction, then they will begin stacking up again & the process is repeated.

Earning & redeeming points is possible at EARL stores with the exception of our Melbourne Airport site.

What is EARL Cash?

EARL Cash is virtual cash which can be spent on any EARL product. It makes for a streamlined purchase whether in-store or on the EARL App. 

How many points do I earn?

Coffee & hot beverages earn 10 points per dollar spent. All other products earn 5 points per dollar spent.

In cases of a half point earned, it will be rounded up to the nearest full number. ie. an EARL brownie is $4.5 which equates to 22.5 points, but we will give you 23 points. 

See what just a few of our fave products will earn you…

EARL Royalty

How do I redeem my points?

Once you earn 500 Royalty points they convert to EARL Cash. You don’t need to do anything, just watch the points stack up with every dollar spent, then watch them magically transform into EARL Cash. Please note the conversion will be triggered by your next transaction.

You can view your balances on the landing page in the App.

How long will it take to be rewarded?

That depends on your purchases. Essentially, 500 Royalty points = $5 EARL Cash.

For example, you might be a 2 coffees a day kind of person, so in under a week you could be rewarded with $5 EARL Cash. 

Or it might be that daily Classic Chicken Sandwich that gets you there in 2 weeks. No matter how you get there, we know you’ll be enjoying the Royal treatment when your EARL Cash balance is getting boosted!

Is there a limit on points?  Do they expire?

No, there is no limit on how many points you can earn with EARL Royalty over time. But at any given time you won’t be able to see much more than 500 points in your account, as once they go over 500 they’re converted to EARL Cash. The conversion will be triggered by your next transaction. 

Neither your points, nor your EARL Cash will expire.

Do I need the App to join EARL Royalty?

Yes. We have phased out the old physical cards. The App gives you access to greater functionality, is more sustainable & you’ll always have your barcode on you for scanning (we figure no one leaves the office without their phones these days!)

What does the EARL App do?



The landing page of the App acts as a “virtual card” containing your unique barcode for scanning in-store to record transactions & earn points. You can also check your Royalty points & EARL Cash balances here.


See special offers that are available to you as a Royalty Family member.


Order for collection ASAP or schedule ahead, pre-pay & swoop past to collect. No waiting, no missing out, no hassle & earn Royalty points to boot.


Find your local EARL store


Update your details or password, access your order history & more

How do I increase my EARL Cash balance?

You can pre-load EARL Cash here or see one of our lovely team members in-store for help. 

However, each time you reach 500 Royalty points, your EARL Cash balance will automatically increase by $5, then you can start earning more points & get your EARL Cash balance building up!

I have a gift card, can I add that to my Royalty account?

If you are the lucky recipient of an EARL gift card, you can load the value of the gift card onto your account. Just see our smiling staff in-store to help you. 

Can I earn points on my EARL Catering order?

EARL Royalty is a store-based loyalty system, so it’s not possible to earn points for dollars spent on catering. 

Can I use my EARL Cash for a catering order?

Again EARL Royalty is a store-based loyalty system, so it is not possible to use EARL Cash to pay for your catering order. 

What if my personal details change?

Simply log in here & update them as you need. You can also update them through the “more” tab in the EARL App.

So you’re collecting my personal information, how will you use it?

The personal information you supply will be used periodically, in a responsible manner, to inform you of special offers, new menus & exciting news via email.  We promise to never share your information with a third party. You can read our full privacy policy here.

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