EARL Royalty T's & C's

Please note EARL Royalty is valid at all EARL stores with the exception of our Melbourne Airport site. 



  • EARL awards Royalty points for every dollar spent.
  • Coffee & hot beverages earn 10 points per dollar spent, all other products earn 5 points per dollar spent.
  • In cases of a half point earned, it will be rounded up.
  • Points are not awarded in association with any other promotion or discount. Points are only redeemable for EARL cash.  
  • EARL will take all care to ensure the award of points with each transaction but takes no responsibility for any technical errors associated with points collection, but if it doesn’t seem right, please drop us an email – eat@earlcanteen.com.au – so we can sort it.
  • Points can be earned at all EARL stores with the exception of Melbourne Airport.


  • Royalty points automatically convert to EARL Cash. 500 Royalty points = $5 EARL Cash.


  • EARL Cash is virtual cash which can be spent on any EARL product such as coffee, sandwiches and salads. Unfortunately, it’s not like bitcoin, and not redeemable for physical cash. 
  • EARL Cash can be used at all EARL stores with the exception of Melbourne Airport.


  • Should any account or account transaction appear unauthorised or fraudulent, EARL will not accept it & will cancel the account.
  • There is no fee associated with the registration, activation or use of the EARL Royalty program.  
  • Please maintain your own personal details for the account, including your login details. These details can be updated here.
  • Personal information collected from Royalty members is subject to the privacy policy outlined here.  


Registration of an account with the EARL Royalty program, either online or on the EARL App, confirms acceptance of theses terms. EARL reserves the right to make any changes as we need.